Prevention is Better than Cure !

Keep the following things in mind and your jacket shall last longer than your expectations:

  • Do not wash or bleach
  • Do not iron or tumble dry
  • Don’t fold it. It is better to use hang it or store it flat
  • Don’t hang it in direct sunlight, particularly when wet
  • Use following products appropriately to make your leather remain healthy:
    • Leather Conditioner
    • Saddle Soap
    • Leather Oil
    • Mink Oil

What if Your Jacket gets Dirty, Wet or Wrinkled?

  • If the dirt is visible, wipe it with damp, wrung out cloth as soon as you can
  • If the dirt is still there, resort to the commercial products for cleaning your leather
  • If the dirt has penetrated the protective sealant and stained your leather, just go to the leather professionals
  • If your leather jacket gets wet, let is dry naturally. Don’t hang it in direct sunlight
  • If your jacket gets wrinkled, don’t iron. Hang it on a padded hanger and let it regain its normal condition naturally


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