How to Measure your Size?

Size is a very crucial part and must be measured before placing order. Honestly, a bad size can utterly damage the impact of the most awesome jacket, and make you feel uncomfortable and look awkward rather than cool.

Tips to Measure Size:

  1. Body Chest: Measure the circumference around the fullest area of the chest. Make sure you are wearing a thin shirt while taking the measurement to avoid over-statement of size
  2. Waist: Measure the circumference around the narrowest area of waist
  3. Shoulder: Measure from the tip of one shoulder across your back to the tip of your other shoulder
  4. Sleeves Outseam: Measure from your shoulder seam, with your arm slightly bent, to the tip of your wrist

Reading the Size Chart:

For those who are confused between Body Chest Size and Jacket Chest, the prior refers to your exact body measurement while you are wearing no or thin shirt. But Jacket Chest Size is different because Jackets are usually worn on shirts and other tops, which means Jacket Chest size should be greater than Body Chest Size. If not, Jacket would overly fit to your body, which will make you uncomfortable and mar your look as well.

We highly recommend you measure exact body chest size properly. And if it falls in two categories (like 38 Chest Size falls in Small and Medium), you further measure waist, shoulder and sleeves, and then mark your size while placing order.

Moreover, we will ask you exact chest size number in email as well, after you place order. So, kindly cooperate with us.

If you select Custom Size, you will find our jackets responding exactly as per your body moves, just like your skin. Kindly measure every required custom field meticulously, and then relax, as we manufacture the perfect jacket for your body. We might contact you during the process, so please do respond to us.

Lastly, if you have any query regarding your size, shoot us an email and we’ll help you with it.

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